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Upcoming Events

Fulton County Community Calendar

Event Submission

Desktop: Click either the "+" located on the top right of the calendar, or the date itself.

Mobile: Click the 3-bar menu on the top left.

Categories: When submitting an event, select the category that best describes your event on the submission form. Only events open to the whole community will be approved - with the exception of live music taking place in venues that are 21+


Community Gathering: Events fostering community engagement and connection, like town hall meetings, neighborhood picnics, community forums, Central Illinois Art Gatherings, etc.

Performing Arts & Live Music: Events involving live performances such as theatre, dance recitals, music concerts, and other stage presentations.

Visual Arts: Exhibitions, galleries, and events showcasing visual arts like paintings, sculptures, photography, etc.

Education/ Workshops & Classes: Events promoting our community's collective well-being with activities designed to impart knowledge and learning. This may include lectures, seminars, and educational forums with topics relevant to the community. Interactive sessions focused on skill development and hands-on experiences — this includes art workshops, skill-building sessions, etc.

Nature: Outdoor events promoting community engagement with our environment, fostering appreciation for local ecology, and encouraging sustainable practices for a greener Fulton County.

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